Roland SH-09

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Date: 1980

Type: Monophonic / Subtractive / Analogue / 1 VCO + Sub / Resonant VCF

Illustration of Roland SH-09 (1980)
Roland SH-09 (1980)


The Roland SH-09 predates the more famous SH-101 by a couple of years, and is in most ways a simpler version - just one oscillator (not two) and no sequencer. However, it does have a sub-oscillator option, and external audio can be sent through the resonant filter. Despite the simplicity, it still has the Roland 'sound' ("The main thing that sells them is their sound — and what a sound!" - Paul Ward, SOS 1995)

Notable Users

Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) - "This has memories. Nightmares to be precise. When we started playing live we didn't have any money so we couldn't afford to pay people. We had Clem Burke on drums, Micky Gallagher on keyboards but I had to play the bass parts on the SH09, plus the guitar parts. So before each song I had to change the sounds very quickly — it's not programmable — and write the bass patterns into the sequencer, stop, fire it from the drum machine, stop, and start playing the guitar. We were still doing that even on The Tube." One Two Testing 1984

Table of Songs featuring Roland SH-09

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Eurythmics Aqua 1983 "There I've got a SH09 with a CSQ100, playing a bassline with just a sub bass, no other frequencies, so it's just a very round, resonant sound. But then I got an acoustic guitar and recorded the fret noise and mixed the two together, and it sounds exactly like a double bass.” - Dave Stewart Electronic Sound Maker - Sep 1985 YouTube

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