Roland Jupiter 4 Song List

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Table of Songs featuring Roland Jupiter 4

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Depeche Mode (Vince Clarke) 1984 "When Depeche Mode signed to Mute Records, I was looking for a synth with memories, and at the time all I could find was the Roland Jupiter 4. In retrospect I think buying that was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made, because the JP-4 is polyphonic and I only really wanted another mono one." E&MM 1984 [YouTube]
Gary Numan Please Push No More 1980 Synthesizer [JP 4, Minimoog, Polymoog] – G Numan Discogs YouTube
Gary Numan The Aircrash Bureau 1980 "Synthesizer [Prophet 5, JP4, A.R.P. Pro-Soloist, Minimoog, Polymoog, CP 30] – G Numan. Synthesizer [Prophet 5], Piano – D Haines Discogs YouTube
Gary Numan This Wreckage 1980 Synthesizer [Minimoog, Polymoog, A.R.P. Pro-Soloist, JP4, Prophet 5], Piano – G. Numan Discogs YouTube
Kenneth Knudsen Anima (album) 1979 Keyboards [Minimoog, Yamaha Piano, Polymoog, Rhodes Piano, Roland 100M, Roland Jupiter 4, Tag Piano] Discogs YouTube
LCD Soundsystem How Do You Sleep? 2017 [Arpeggiated Roland Jupiter 4] – Gavin Russom Discogs YouTube
LCD Soundsystem I Used To 2017 "Album: American Dream (2017) [Korg SQ10] - James Murphy Discogs YouTube
LCD Soundsystem Tonite 2017 [Jupiter 4] – James Murphy RDiscogs YouTube
Matt Berry Music For Insomniacs (Parts 1 & 2) 2014 Roland Jupiter 4 Discogs YouTube
The Human League The Thing That Dreams Are Made Of 1981 E&MM 1982 YouTube