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Illustration of the Oberheim OB-X (1975)
Oberheim OB-X (1975)

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Table of specific Oberheim OB-X moments

Tracks and links of specific moments in tracks where the Oberheim OB-X can be seen / heard

Artist Track Year Notes Reference YouTube
Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 1983 "The drum computer [MCS Percussion Computer] was triggering a sequence into the Roland SH‑101 that sounded powerful, and the Oberheim [OB-X] was more of a soft string sound that we managed to cut off so it made it more attacking. I think it was actually a preset, I don’t think we made the sound. The Roland is playing the original sequence and then Annie was playing in between it. ‘Sweet Dreams’ always confuses keyboard players when they try and play it, because they don’t realise it’s actually two keyboard parts that are playing completely different things.” - Dave Stewart SOS July 2018 YouTube
Rush Subdivisions 1982 Opening bass riff is clearly played on the OB-X by Geddy Lee (keyboards, vocals) at start of video. YouTube YouTube

Table of generic Oberheim OB-X listings

Tracks that are known to use an Oberheim OB-X, but can't specify which part with confidence

Artist Track Year Notes Reference YouTube