EMS VCS3 Song List

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Illustration of EMS VCS3 (1969)
EMS VCS3 (1969)

Table of Songs featuring EMS VCS3

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Ian Boddy Slide (album) 2008 Synthesizer [Roland System 100-M, Doepfer A-100 & Analogue Systems Analogue Modular Synth, Minimoog, VCS-3] – Ian Boddy Reference YouTube
David Bowie Heroes 1977 Robert Fripp contributed futuristic guitar Reference YouTube
David Bowie Subterraneans 1977 Brian Eno was a partner in this phase of Bowie's music, and futuristic-synth based as a result Tony Visconti YouTube
Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene - New Master Recording (album) 2007 Written-By, Recorded By [Re-recorded By], Mixed By, Synthesizer [Eminent 310, Arp 2600, Aks, Vcs-3, Rmi Harmonic Synthesizer], Mellotron, Organ [Farfisa], Synthesizer [Minipop Drum Machine (Small Stone And Electric Mistress Pedals)] – Jean Michel Jarre. For this version of Oxygene, Jarre re-recorded all the parts. I.E. this is not the 1976 original version of Oxygene. Nice video of the gear used though! Discogs YouTube
Roxy Music Editions of You 1973 Middle 8 solo - Brian Eno to do YouTube
Roxy Music Virginia Plain 1972 Synth breaks - Brian Eno Seen played live YouTube