Moog Polymoog

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Date: 1975

Type: Preset Polyphonic String Synthesizer

The Moog Polymoog was originally to be part of the Moog Constellation - an ambitious collection of synthesizers and a pedal board. Whilst that project never reached fruition, the main synth - which was to be called the Apollo Polyphonic Synthesizer became the Moog Polymoog. Model 203a was the first version featuring eight presets - Strings, Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Funk, Clavi, Vibes and Brass; a later version was released, the Polymoog Keyboard 280a, which increased the number of presets to fourteen, but reduced the editing capabilities. These new presets were Chorus Brass, Electric / Honky Tonk pianos, Rock Organ, Strings 2, and Vox Humana. Vox Humana is well known as the string sound Gary Numan used on his early hit Cars.

Archetypal Track

Gary Numan, 'Cars' (1979) - high strings from 5secs onwards

Notable tracks