Yamaha TX816 Song List

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Yamaha TX816 (1984)

Table of Songs featuring Yamaha TX816

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Europe The Final Countdown 1986 This iconic synth riff was played by Mic Michaeli using both a Yamaha TX816 and Roland JX-8P. Private correspondence - OF YouTube
Harold Faltermeyer Top Gun theme 1986 Very early on, I found that the only beauty of a DX7 is when you have two DX7’s. Then the TX816 came along, which had eight DX7’s in it. This was a heavenly instrument because you could slightly change parameters on each voice. You could daisy chain them. I had two of those, so the low bell sounds in Top Gun, for example, are 16 DX7’s. That’s actually a stock sound. It’s a tubular bell, just slightly detuned and tweaked. We had this extreme, fat low C. That’s how the Top Gun anthem starts. Red Bull Music Academy YouTube
Herbie Hancock Perfect Machine 1988 Synthesizer [Yamaha DX1, DX7, DX7IIFD, Kurzweil K-250, Fairlight Series II And Series III, Roland Super Jupiter, Rhodes Chroma, Oberheim Matrix 12, Yamaha TX 8/16], Sampler [Akai 900-S], Vocoder, Producer – Herbie Hancock Discogs YouTube"
Ultravox Revelation (album) 1993 "Billy used a lot of his old keyboards on the album, and believes that now is the best time to get the most out of some FM synthesis from a DX or TX rack, and then maybe a bit of Prophet. The aim is to make a 'stack', or a sculpted piece of sound.” Music Technology 1993 YouTube