Yamaha CS-80 Song List

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Illustration of Yamaha CS-80
Yamaha CS-80 (1977)

Table of Songs featuring Yamaha CS-80

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
After The Fire One Rule 1979 Rock band with Peter Banks on CS-80 (and in this TOTP clip, big solo on Moog Multimoog) Peter Banks Video YouTube
After The Fire Time To Think 1979 Rock band with Peter Banks on CS-80, heard in the gated synth from the start Peter Banks Video YouTube
Herbie Hancock Mr. Hands (album) 1980 Keyboards [Emu Polyphonic Keyboard, Clavitar], Synthesizer [Waves Minimoog, Minimoog, Prophet 5, Oberheim 8 Voice, Yamaha Cs-80, Arp 2600], Clavinet [Hohner], Electric Piano [Rhodes 88 Suitcase Piano], Vocoder [Sennheiser], Drum Machine [Linn-Moffett Drum Synthesizer], Computer [Modified Apple Ii Plus Microcomputer], Piano – Herbie Hancock Discogs YouTube"
Peter Howell Doctor Who theme:

- Intro sting

- Bassline

1980 Peter Howell demonstrates exactly how he used the CS-80 to create the intro ring-modulator 'sting' (from presets 'funky I' and 'funky II') and bassline (also 'funky I' and 'funky II') for the 1980 version of the theme tune. YouTube Documentary Intro Sting


Michel Normandeau Jouer 1979 "Synthesizer [Yamaha Cs-80, Minimoog]. Rock / Folk / World. Discog YouTube"
Bruce Springsteen Born In The USA 1984 The iconic synth stabs of this song were played by Roy 'The Professor' Bittan YouTube Documentary YouTube
Ultravox Hymn 1982 The Hymn' starts with a vocal intro accompanied by a throaty vocoder-type PPG preset mixed with multi-tracked vocals — sounding like a choir. The chorus section main theme is done by Billy on the CS80 (with the ribbon controller — a trade mark of ours!)” E&MM 1983 YouTube
Vangelis Blade Runner (Film Soundtrack) 1982 "Instruments which stand out include the ubiquitous Yamaha CS80, which provided the eerie synth solo heard over the opening titles."

Nice recreation here demonstrating opening titles theme: YouTube

SOS 1997 YouTube
Vangelis The Long March Vangelis: "The solo line in “The Long March” from that album creates the impression of a string instrument very strongly. I think I did that with the Yamaha CS-80. I used that a lot on that album." Keyboard 1982 YouTube (Solo at 1:01)
Richard Wahnfried Time Actor (album) 1979 Richard Wahnfried is pseudonym for the collective comprising Klaus Schulze, Arthur Brown, Wolfgang Tiepold, Vincent Crane, Michael Shrieve, Harmony Brown Discogs YouTube
Patrick Woodroffe / Dave Greenslade The Pentateuch of The Cosmogony (album) 1979 Composed By, Arranged By, Keyboards [Polymoog, Prophet 5, Roland Rs202, Yamaha Cs60 Synth, Yamaha Cs80 Synth, Yamaha Cp70b Piano, Arp Explorer, Arp Omni, Cat Synth, Church Organ, Crumar Stringman, Hohner Clavinet, Kitten Synth, Mellotron 400, Minimoog], Vocoder [Sennheiser], Programmed By [Sds Drum Synth 3] – Dave Greenslade Discogs YouTube