Sequential Circuits Pro One Song List

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Illustration of Sequential Circuits Pro-One
Sequential Circuits Pro-One (1980)

Table of Songs featuring Sequential Circuits Pro One

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Elektronishe Musik Aus Koln 9. Sequential Circuits Pro One 1990 Each of the 22 tracks on the album 'Synthesizer Von Gestern' is composed solely with the specified instrument. Discogs Can't find this
Marillion Real to Reel / Brief Encounter (album) 1997 Discogs YouTube
Depeche Mode (Vince Clarke) 1984 "The only problem was that the Jupiter 4 hasn't got Gate or CV In, so I had to get a Pro One to work in conjunction with the MC4." E&MM 1982 n/a
Tangerine Dream Poland Live (album) 1984 Prophet 1 – Chris Franke. (Assuming 'Prophet 1' on sleeve notes is Pro-One) Discogs YouTube