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Date: 1972

Type: Analogue Drum Machine with presets

Roland launched with a series of drum machines in 1972, the TR-33, TR-55, TR-77; the TR-77 being the most sophisticated of the range. It was actually a rebadged Ace Tone FR-8L, as Ikutaro Kakehashi started Roland that year, and moved products over.

It has thirteen sounds: bass drum, low conga, low and high bongo, cowbell, rimshot, claves, snare, maracas, hi-hat, cymbal, tambourine and guiro.

It has nineteen rhythms:

Jazz Rhythms: rock and roll 1 & 2, slow rock, ballad, western, 6/8 march, jazz waltz, waltz

Latin Rhythms: rhumba, beguine, cha-cha, mambo, samba 1 & 2, bossa-noca, Baion, bolero, tango.

A popular machine, and great sounding too. Used on many records.

Archetypal Track

Gerge Macrae, 'Rock Your Baby' (1974)

Demonstrated on BBC series 'Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution' (S1E1 2024)

First Ever TR-77 track

Associated artists

Table of Songs featuring Roland TR-77

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
George Macrae Rock Your Baby 1973 Provides the rhythmic backing of the song BBC documentary: George sings solo over the TR-77 playing the 'Rock Your Baby' rhythm. (look up which one it is!) YouTube