Roland System 700 Song List

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Illustration of Roland System 700
Roland System 700 (1976)

Table of Songs featuring Roland System 700

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Giorgo Moroder E=MC² 1979 "“With the Roland 700 stuff, you always had to tune it. I went crazy with the setup we had for the Giorgio Moroder album, E=MC². We had four of those systems, so before you started, you had to tune it. We’re talking about 32 oscillators, all of which had to be tuned and detuned. Because you’re putting them slightly out of tune to create a certain sound, it was hard as hell.” - Harold Faltermeyer. ”The first live to digital album”. Red Bull Music Academy YouTube
The Human League The Thing That Dreams Are Made Of 1981 E&MM 1982 YouTube
The Human League Travelogue (album) 1980 YouTube doc YouTube