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Roland Jupiter 8 (1981)

Table of all Roland Jupiter 8 Tracks

Artist Track Year Notes & Reference Media
808 State Atlas 7 2011 "Album: State To State 3

Recorded at Testa Rossa Studios Manchester. 2001. Waldorf Microwave XT, Jupiter 8, Juno 106, Access Virus, Mini Moog, ARP Odyssey ARP 2600 Synthesizers. Akai sampler, EMU Orbit. Reference"

808 State Don Solaris (album) 1996 Many tracks to disambiguate and notate Reference Youtube
808 State Eastern Standard 2011 "Album: State To State 3

Recorded at PWL Studios Manchester July 1997. Korg Prophecy, Mini Moog, Oberhiem Matrix 1000, Juno 106 Synthesizers Akai sampler, TR 909 and Quasimidi 309 drums. Reference"

808 State Kabuki Disco 2011 "KABUKI DISCO - unpack all these synths...

Recorded at Testa Rossa Studios Manchester. 2001. Waldorf Microwave XT, Juno 106, Access Virus, ARP Odyssey, Casio CZ101 Yamaha DX 100 Synthesizers. Akai sampler, TR 909, Quasimidi 309 Drum Machines. Reference"

808 State Lemon 2011 "Album: State To State 3

LEMON (Fritz Von Runte Steppah Design) - to unpack... Redesigned by Fritz Von Runte 2011. Based on a baked tape from Vibes Studio Oldham. Roland TB 303 Bassline, EM&M spectrum, Oberhiem 4 Voice, Moog Prodigy, Mini Moog & Memory Moog Synthesizers Roland TR909 Drum Machine. Large Metal Skip. Akai sampler. Reference"

Depeche Mode Secret Garden Includes a section of Jupiter 8 demoing (at 2:20). Reference Youtube
Elektronishe Musik Aus Koln 7. Roland Jupiter 8 1990 Each of the 22 tracks on the album 'Synthesizer Von Gestern' is composed solely with the specified instrument. Reference not available
Four Tet and Sun Ra Sun Drums And Soil 2005 Synthesizer [Roland Juno 106 & Jupiter 8] – Shafiq Husayn Reference Youtube
Four Tet and Sun Ra Sun Drums And Soil 2005 Synthesizer [Roland Juno 106 & Jupiter 8] – Shafiq Husayn Reference Youtube
Giorgio Morooder Cat People (Original Soundtrack)(album) 1982 Synthesizers: Synclavier II, Minimoog, Polymoog, Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 8, Linn Drum Machine, Wurlitzer [Electrichttps://www.discogs.com/release/1940290-Giorgio-Moroder-Cat-People-Original-Soundtrack Reference] Youtube
Harold Faltermeyer Axel F 1984 "Harold Faltermeyer explains:

“When the Roland Jupiter-8 first came out, it was the most desired instrument on earth – so, needless to say, you couldn’t get it. There was a waiting list for it. We had a very good relationship with Roland, though, due to the fact that I worked with Jeff Baxter from the Doobie Brothers. He was under contract with them, so he had access to the instruments. He put in a word, you know, so I definitely got a deal. The Jupiter-8’s particular sound comes from the structure of the two oscillators of each bank – of each voice – so you can actually layer them. This makes for a very fat, good sound. The Jupiter-8 was my main instrument for melodies – all the “Axel F” melodies were made on it.” Reference"

Heaven 17 Let Me Go 1982 "Synthesizer [Jupiter 8] – Martyn Ware


Journey Separate Ways 1983 Part: pads. Assuming the Jupiter 8 stuck to a wall (!) represents the fact it was used on the recording as well. Reference Youtube
Klaus Shulze Dreams (album) 1986 Synthesizer [Roland JX-10P Super JX, Roland MKS-80/MPG-80 Super Jupiter, Roland MKS-30 Planet S, Korg DW-8000 Waveform], Sequencer [Korg SQD-1], Sampler [Akai S-612/MD-280], Drum Machine [Oberheim DMX], Effects [Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice Processor, Publison Infernal Machine 90, Disk Drive], DAW [Fairlight] – Klaus Schulze Reference Youtube
Marillion Real to Reel / Brief Encounter (album) 1997 Keyboards: Yamaha CP80 Piano / Yamaha DX7 / Minimoog / P.P.G. Wave 2.2 / Roland Jupiter 8 / Roland SDE 3000 Reference Youtube
Rob Papen DayDreamer (album) 1004 "Instruments: FM-7, Albino 2, RM-IV, JP-8, Emulator-X, Microwave, D-4, Orbit-3, MiniMoog, ASR-10, Kontakt, and Cubase SX.

Electronic / Ambient Reference"

St Etienne Foxbase Alpha (album) 1991 Synthesizer [Roland Jupiter, Korg M1] – Bob Stanley Reference Youtube
St Etienne So Tough (album) 1993 Reference Youtube
Tangerine Dream Poland Live (album) 1984 Roland Jupiter 8 - Johannes Schmoelling Reference Youtube