Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar Song List

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Table of Songs featuring Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Asia (Geoff Downes) N/A 1985 "The best lead line synth to come out since the MiniMoog - but with MIDI". Music Messe 1985
BBC Radiophonic Workshop 1985 Documentary
Billy Currie "The OSCar is the most exciting synth in my line up. Three of us in the band use one." Music Messe 1985 [ YouTube]
Dead or Alive 1985 Music Messe 1985
John Foxx n/a 1985 "It has all the features of classic synhts like the MiniMoog or ARP, and much more." Music Messe 1985
Orbital 1993 Music Technology 1993
Stevie Wonder Skeletons 1987 Bassline [ Reference]
Ultravox Heart of the Country 1984 “a fascinating bridge passage that saw Midge Ure playing DX7 koto sounds from the Roland G707 guitar (thanks to MIDI) over two sequenced OSCars” E&MM 19 YouTube
Ultravox Ukraine 1986 "and an OSCar solo (at 2:45) on 'Ukraine’.” - Billy Currie Reference YouTube