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Illustration of Moog Taurus I (1975)
Moog Taurus I (1975)

Moog Taurus I (1975)

Moog Taurus II (1981)

Moog Taurus III (2010)

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Table of Songs featuring Moog Taurus (I,II,III)

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Tony Banks I'll Be Waiting 1989 "The low strings sound in the introduction provides the bass part throughout the song. I used my Prophet 10 with a round, low sound on a drone setting, which sustains throughout the song and just changes notes. We put bass guitar on some of that and I doubled it with Taurus bass pedals" Sound On Sound - Sep 1989 YouTube
Phil Collins I Don't Care Anymore 1983 Mo Foster (bass) is seen playing the Taurus with his hands (as opposed feet for which it's designed) at 2:14 in the official video YouTube YouTube
Genesis Dance On A Volcano 1976 Mike Rutherford plays Taurus I Music Technology - May 1991 YouTube
Genesis Los Endos 1976 Mike Rutherford plays Taurus I Music Technology - May 1991 YouTube
Steve Hackett Clocks 1979 Steve Hackett's brother, John, was famed for playing the Taurus I by hand as if it were a normal keyboard as can be seen in this live clip from 1979, and features the main 'Taurus' preset. YouTube YouTube
Jean-Michel Jarre Concerts in China (album) 1982 "I also use the Oberheim OBXa, an Eminent that has specially modified sounds, and the Moog Taurus Pedal Synth" - Jean-Michel Jarre Electronics & Music Maker - Jun 1982 YouTube
Trans X Inesperdistan 1985 "The opening's particularly powerful - lots of deep bass Taurus notes followed by Baroque choirs of vocoder chords chanting delicate, sensitive French vocals." Electronics & Music Maker - Sep 1985 YouTube