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Date: 1975

Type: 2 VCO / Analogue / Subtractive

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Illustartion of Moog Taurus (1975)

The Moog Taurus was originally to be part of the Moog Constellation, a synthesizer ensemble comprising a monophonic synth (Lyra), a polyphonic synth (Apollo) and a set of bass pedals (Taurus). The Constellation was never released commercially (though was used by ELP on their album, 'Brain Salad Surgery'). The polyphonic synth became the Moog Polymoog, the monosynth was never released and the Taurus became famous as Moog's bass pedal synth.

An updated version 2 Taurus, based on the Moog Rogue, was released in 1981 - some rudely referred to it as a ' Moog Rogue on a stick)9 and a revived 'version 3' was released in 2010 (initially a limited edition of 250 for 250 customers who had to pre-order to justify the cost1, though the eventual run went to 15002).

The Taurus I was used by many 1970s rock keyboardists who appreciated the ability to play basslines with their feet whilst playing keyboards with their hands.

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Archetypal Track

Steve Hackett, 'Clocks' (1979) - John Hackett (Steve's brother) famously played the Taurus I by hand

Notable tracks

A few notable tracks or notable Artists famous for using a Moog Taurus to be added here.

Notable Users

10cc - "Duncan (Mackay) only occasionally uses his Moog Taurus pedal for penetrating synthesiser bass: "This really comes from my time with 10cc and playing jazz in Africa when I gigged with just a drummer"."6

Genesis (Tony Banks) - "The Polymoog I used a lot and the Moog Taurus bass pedals, which are still the best for that big, fat bottom end sound, even though they're 15 years old."7

Marillion "Reading, a couple of years back. My bass pedals weren't working — I use the Moog Taurus One set" (Pete Trewavas)3

Moody Blues (Patrick Moraz) - "Additional effects are provided by a ... a set of Moog Taurus bass pedals," - Pat Buckley, road manager4

Trans X - "I also played guitar, and had the Roland GR500 guitar synth system coupled with a Moog Taurus bass pedal unit."8

UK (John Wetton) - "'I also use an MXR phaser quite a bit and I also use a set of Norlin Taurus bass pedals. Just one octave, but it gives you that very low bass that you can't get on a bass guitar. I use it on stage in particular to reinforce bass guitar lines. Di into the PA, no amplifier at all." (UK were a band with Bill Bruford, Allen Holdsworth and John Wetton)

Yes (Chris Squire) - "Additional equipment consists of integrated Moog Taurus and Dewtron bass pedals"5

All Songs

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Moog Taurus Song List


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