Linn Electronics LinnDrum Song List

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Table of Songs featuring LM-1 / LinnDrum / Linn 9000

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
A-ha Take On Me 1985 Drums SOS 1986 [ YouTube]
Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk Ernie Rideout, 'The Evolution of Dance Music'
Herbie Hancock Mr. Hands (album) 1980 "Keyboards [Emu Polyphonic Keyboard, Clavitar], Synthesizer [Waves Minimoog, Minimoog, Prophet 5, Oberheim 8 Voice, Yamaha Cs-80, Arp 2600], Clavinet [Hohner], Electric Piano [Rhodes 88 Suitcase Piano], Vocoder [Sennheiser], Drum Machine [Linn-Moffett Drum Synthesizer], Computer [Modified Apple Ii Plus Microcomputer], Piano – Herbie Hancock. Jazz / Fusion / Jazz Funk Discogs YouTube
Heaven 17 Let Me Go 1982 Drum Programming [Linn Drum] – Martyn Ware Discogs YouTube
Jean-Michel Jarre Zoolook (album) 1984 Because Jarre still finds time for lower-tech hardware in the form of ancient Moog, ARP and EMS synthesisers, his custom-built Matrisequencer, and a Mk1 Linn drum machine as well as a more up-to-date model. Reference YouTube
Madonna Lucky Star 1983 Drums SOS 1986 YouTube
Giorgio Moroder Cat People (Original Soundtrack)(album) 1982 Synthesizers: Synclavier II, Minimoog, Polymoog, Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 8, Linn Drum Machine, Wurlitzer Electric. Discogs YouTube
Gary Numan New Thing From London Town 1986 Reference YouTube
Gary Numan Strange Charm album 1986 Reference YouTube
OMD 1986 ""We have very little equipment these days. It's usually just the Fairlight, LinnDrum, Emulators and the Super Jupiter" - Andy McCluskey Music Technology 1986
Prince Purple Rain 1984 Drums SOS 1986 YouTube
Nick Rhodes n/a 1986 "Recently I was trying to sync up a Linn 9000, the Fairlight, an MSQ 700, the Jupiter 8, and two other things... I eventually found that two of the synths just wouldn't work together. Obviously, MIDI's not 100%, but it is a fantastic thing.” International Musician 1986 [ YouTube]
The Human League Dare (album) 1981 Basslines E&MM 1982 YouTube