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Date: 1975

Type: Mono/Duo / Subtractive / Analogue

Illustration of the Korg Maxi-Korg 800DV
Korg Maxi-Korg 800DV (1975)

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Archetypal Track

To do

First Ever Maxi-Korg 800DV Track

To do

Associated artists

Dave Ball (Soft Cell)

Soft Cell, 'Sex Dwarf' (1981). Oscillator sync style bass stabs heard from 0:55:

"Ball points out that his own second-hand Maxi-Korg 800DV (purchased for £450 in Blackpool) had once belonged to Jethro Tull". Electronic Sound - issue 86 Feb 2022.

Table of Maxi-Korg 800DV Tracks

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