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Gary Numan is a pioneer of synthpop and is renowned for his innovative use of synthesizers in his music. This dates back to Tubeway Army in the late 1970s, and continues to this day.

He has been an advocate for synthesizer use and has been interviewed many times extolling the virtues of many synths, especially the Moog Minimoog.

This page will feature some of these statements (not all!), and some of his iconic songs, reflecting his influence and impact on synthpop and it's use of synths. (Of course, as per all of this site, every quote needs a solid reference to ensure veracity).


"Gary Numan cites the Minimoog as the synth that converted him to synth driven music. Heard at a recordingi studio called Spaceward run by Mike Kemp of a Cambridge Union societ called CUTRS (Cambridge University Tape Recording Society). Kemp had a Minimoog and it was demonstrating that that persuaded Gary Numan to change the musical direction of The Subway Army. (He thought it sounded 'massive' on the studio soundsystem."


"I looked to what they (Kraftwerk) were doing. A shining light to how music could be put together, completely different. So now when you went ot the studio to do your album, you didn't need to put drums there or guitars there, whatever it is, there's all this other stuff you can do".

"When I found the Minimoog and pressed the key, and it, the whole room shook with the power of it, I thought 'that's it, that's exactly what I'm after'."

Kraftwerk: We Are the Robots, 6Music documentary, Mark Riley, 2007.

Key songs

'Cars' famed for its use of the Moog Polymoog for the lead melodies

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