EMS Synthi A Song List

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Illustration of the EMS Synthi A
EMS Synthi A (1971)

Table of Songs featuring EMS Synthi A

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Elektronishe Musik Aus Koln 17 EMS Synthi A 1990 All parts. Each of the 22 tracks on the album 'Synthesizer Von Gestern' is composed solely with the specified instrument. Discogs can't find
Tim Blake Crystal Machine (album) 1977 Tim Blake plays Minimoog, EMS Synthi A, EMS Frequency Shifter, Elka Rhapsody Discogs YouTube
Klaus Schulze "X" (album) 1978 Klaus Schulze plays: PPG Synthesizer and sequencer, Moog Minimoog, Korg Polyphonic Synthesizer, Moog Polymoog, EMS Synthi A, Mellotron Discogs YouTube
Richard Wahnfried Time Actor (album) 1979 Richard Wahnfried is pseudonym for the collective comprising Klaus Schulze, Arthur Brown, Wolfgang Tiepold, Vincent Crane, Michael Shrieve, Harmony Brown Discogs YouTube