EDP Wasp Song List

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Date: 1978

Type: Analogue / Monophonic / 2 DCO

Illustration of the EDP Wasp from 1978
EDP Wasp (1978)


The Wasp is a quirky British synth of the late 70s that has become something of a classic. Despite the membrane keys and cheap plasticky look (including built-in speaker), the Wasp was capable of great sounds - easily the equal of its peers given the chance. (So much so, in fact, that Behringer released a clone in 2020 - the ultimate compliment).

There was a 'deluxe' version released the following year with proper keys and a wooden case.

It is also notable for a fairly early use of digitally controlled oscillators - the waveforms are still generated by analogue oscillations, but the frequency is controlled by a digital clock ('555 timers'), so the pitch stability is perfect. Designed by the revered synth designer Chris Huggett (OSCar, Novation Supernova, Bass Station), this is no surprise!

Table of Songs featuring EDP Wasp

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Kim Wilde Kids in America 1980 Written on Kim's brother's WASP (Ricky Wilde). In this reference video they talk about the envelope 'repeat' feature on which the bass is based. YouTube Interview YouTube