DEW Mister Bassman Song List

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Date: 1970

Type: Analogue / Monophonic / Bass Pedal controlled


Design Engineering (Wokingham) - D.E.W. Ltd - were a company founded in 1964 by Brian Baily. Their product range included the DEW Mister Bassman bass pedals (similar to, but predating, the Moog Taurus), and several synthesizer modules and monosynths.

Table of Songs featuring DEW Mister Bassman

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Genesis The Fountain of Samalcis 1971 Mike Rutherford - "The pedals also came in useful for providing the extra notes below low E on the bass guitar — listen to "The Fountain of Samalcis" on 'Nursery Cryme' and you'll hear the effect." - David Etheridge Making Music June 1987 YouTube
Genesis White Mountain 1970 Mike Rutherford; Intro Making Music June 1987 YouTube
Yes America 1972 "Chris Squire was another quick convert to bass pedals. In Yes' live version of "America", he would play one bass line on pedals, another on his Rickenbacker, and scat sing over the top on his solo — and this was in 1972!" Making Music June 1987 YouTube