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Roland Jupiter 6 (1983)

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"The 6 is quite rude sounding compared to the 8 as well. It’s just got more ‘razzy energy’ somehow." - Paul Hartnoll (GearSpace)

Table of all Roland Jupiter 6 Tracks

Artist Track Year Notes & Reference Reference YouTube
Orbital Lush 3.1 1993 "Jupiter 6 for the fast sequence that starts the song...it’s just squares with the pwm set high and Jupiter 6 unison, all through a Quadraverb ping pong delay." - Paul Hartnoll

Question: "Whats that awesome vocoder/bandpass sound halfway through Lush 3-2?" Answer: "Whoops! I forgot that! It’s a snipet of a vocal sample and a percussive sample playing alongside each other through the ensoniq DP4 vocoder, with the Jupiter 6 as the carrier" - PH

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