Access Virus Song List

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Date: 1997

Type: Virtual Analogue / 12 note polyphony / 2 virtual DCOs + sub per voice

Access Virus (1997)


The Access Virus was one of the first generation of virtual analogue synths that were introduced in the late 1990s, along with others such as the Novation Supernova and Yamaha AN1x. These brought the benefits of digital control to analogue-style sounds. At the time, the polyphony was a revelation and enabled an affordable polyphonic analogue sound previously only achievable with expensive synths like the Jupiter 8, Prophet 5 and CS-80. The success of the original Virus has led to many subsequent iterations with the original now referred to as the 'A', though it wasn't released with that name.

Tables of Songs featuring Access Virus

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
808 State Atlas 7 2011 Album: State To State 3. Recorded at Testa Rossa Studios Manchester. 2001. Waldorf Microwave XT, Jupiter 8, Juno 106, Access Virus, Mini Moog, ARP Odyssey ARP 2600 Synthesizers. Akai sampler, EMU Orbit. Discogs YouTube"