ARP Pro-Soloist Song List

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Date: 1972

Type: Preset Monophonic Synthesizer / 37 Presets / 1 VCO

Illustration of ARP Pro-Soloist
ARP Pro-Soloist (1972)


The Pro-Soloist is designed to sit on op of an electric organ to provide an extra solo sound, a common synth design type of the early 1970s. It has some sound design parameters, such as vibrato, portamento and brilliance (filter), but not much else. The Soloist was the first version, released in 1970, and was followed up by ARP in 1977 by the Pro/DGX.

Table of Songs featuring ARP Pro-Soloist

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Gary Numan I'm An Agent 1980 Synthesizer [A.R.P. Pro-Soloist, Minimoog, Polymoog, Compurhythm], Guitar – G Numan. Discogs YouTube
Gary Numan Remind Me To Smile 1980 Synthesizer [A.R.P. Pro-Soloist] – D Haines. Discogs YouTube
Gary Numan The Aircrash Bureau 1980 Synthesizer [Prophet 5, JP4, A.R.P. Pro-Soloist, Minimoog, Polymoog, CP 30] – G Numan. Discogs YouTube