ARP Omni Song List

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Date: 1975

Type: Preset Orchestral Synthesizer / 4 Presets (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass) / Full Polyphony (Divide Down)

Illustration of the ARP OMNI Mk1
ARP OMNI Mk1 (1975)


The ARP Omni was a mutli-timbral orchestral ensemble synth that enabled the simultaneous playing of 'strings', 'synthesizer' and 'bass', with full polyphony, but limited control of the sounds. The ARP Omni MkII was released in 1978 whose most notable change was to the now standard orange-on-black fascia design.

Tables of Songs featuring ARP Omni

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
Neil Ardley Harmony of the Spheres (album) 1979 Neil Ardley plays ARP Omni and ARP Odyssey. Jazz/Rock Discogs YouTube
ARP Analog Synth Jazz Band Take The A Train 1980 A TV spot featuring nine ARP synths, introduced by one a presenter in that ‘incredulous’ style, like they’ve never seen a piece of technology before. ArpSynth.com YouTube
Joy Division Closer (Album) 1980 Keyboards: Stephen Morris. Ernie Rideout, 'The Evolution of Dance Music'. YouTube
LCD Soundsystem Call The Police 2017 ARP Omni II - James Murphy Discogs YouTube
LCD Soundsystem How Do You Sleep? 2017 [ARP Omni II] – James Murphy Discogs YouTube
Anna Oxa Un'Emozione Da Poco 1978 Album: Oxanna Grand Piano, Synthesizer [Polymoog, Omni Arp] Discogs YouTube
Gianni Safred & His Electronic Instruments Futuribile (The Life To Come)(album) 1978 Gianni Safred plays: Minimoog, Polymoog, ARP Odyssey, ARP Omni Discogs YouTube
Snarky Puppy Big Ugly 2016 Synth [Prophet 6, ARP Axxe & Omni] – Justin Stanton Discogs YouTube
Snarky Puppy 2016 Discogs YouTube
Snarky Puppy Grown Folks 2016 Clavinet, Synth – Bobby Sparks Discogs YouTube
Snarky Puppy Palermo 2016 Synth [Omni & Synthex] – Justin Stanton Discogs YouTube
Snarky Puppy The Simple Life 2016 Synth [Omni] – Cory Henry Discogs YouTube
Patrick Woodroffe / Dave Greenslade The Pentateuch of The Cosmogony (album) 1979 Composed By, Arranged By, Keyboards [Polymoog, Prophet 5, Roland Rs202, Yamaha Cs60 Synth, Yamaha Cs80 Synth, Yamaha Cp70b Piano, Arp Explorer, Arp Omni, Cat Synth, Church Organ, Crumar Stringman, Hohner Clavinet, Kitten Synth, Mellotron 400, Minimoog], Vocoder [Sennheiser], Programmed By [Sds Drum Synth 3] – Dave Greenslade Discogs YouTube