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Illustration of ARP Odyssey Mk1
ARP Odyssey Mk1 (1972)

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Table of specific ARP Odyssey moments

Tracks and links of specific moments in tracks where the Odyssey can be seen / heard

Artist Track Year Notes Reference Media
ARP Analog Synth Jazz Band Take The A Train 1980 ‘Tap Dancer Getting Shot’. A TV spot featuring nine ARP synths, introduced by one a presenter in that ‘incredulous’ style, like they’ve never seen a piece of technology before. arpsynth.com YouTube
Chick Corea Space Circus 1974 Trading licks with Bill Connors: YouTube YouTube
Deep Purple Space Truckin’ (Live) 1974 Jon Lord lets rip on the Odyssey during this 15 minute classic Deep Purple jam. YouTube YouTube
George Duke Cora Joberge 1974 Album: Feel. Synth Lead (28s). "Frank Zappa told me one day that I should play synthesizers. It was as simple as that! I finally settled on an ARP Odyssey purely to be different from Jan Hammer, who was playing the Minimoog, and had a head start on me in the mastery of synthesis. I was really drawn to the possibilities inherent therein." GeorgeDuke.com YouTube
Herbie Hancock Chameleon 1973 Here he playing the Odyssey live (from 6:00): https://youtu.be/0hmVHhH96es?t=330. ArpSynth.com YouTube
Peter Howell Doctor Who Theme 1980 Lead. This iconic TV programme has had its theme tune updated many times over the years; this was the version that regenerated (!) from the tape loop version by Delia Derbyshire. ArpSynth.com YouTube
Kraftwerk Autobahn 1981 Duophonic chords at 6:50: Reference: Ernie Rideout, 'Keyboard Presents the Evolution of Dance Music' Book Link YouTube
Kraftwerk The Robots 1978 Lead Melody (2:20). Generally believed to be the lead melody as is seen in the official video. This isn’t quite a rock solid guarantee that it was used on the actual recording (any stronger references happily received). YouTube YouTube
Nine Inch Nails The Hand That Feeds 2005 Can be seen in the video too; Synth 1:38 YouTube YouTube
Gary Numan Cars 1979 "I still like to use the ARP Odyssey because it has the best window-shaking bottom end of any synth." - Gary Numan SOS 1986 YouTube
Alberto Radius America Good-Bye (album) 1979 Synthesizer – Luigi Tonet Album opens with some strong synthwork for the first 15 seconds! Discogs YouTube
Tito Quetzalcoatl (album) 1977 "Synthesizer [Synthi AKS EMS, ARP Odyssey, Minimoog, Solina String Ensemble]. Prog Rock / Electronic / Experimental" Discogs YouTube
Ultravox! Hiroshima Mon Amour (album version) 1977 Odyssey is seen being played in this Old Grey Whistle test at 3:03. see Media clip >> YouTube
Ultravox Astradyne 1982 Solo (4:30) [Need better proof - sounds like one though! YouTube
Ultravox Hymn 1982 "Solo (3:16). “The solo was done on Bill's ARP using the flanger with a Marshall Time Modulator and second oscillator switching octaves to give it our special sound for Ultravox.” - Midge Ure. ARP synth. ArpSynth.com YouTube
Ultravox Just for a Moment 1978 "On the last song of the third (Ultravox) album I used an ARP sequencer to drive the Odyssey” - Billy Currie SOS 1991 YouTube
Ultravox (Billy Currie) Quiet Men 1980 “I used an ARP sequencer to drive the Odyssey, which I'd already used in quite a violent way on pieces like 'The Quiet Man'. We wanted to make quite tough sounds, and often built up whole pieces from synth sounds used as rhythmic parts.” - Billy Currie. SOS 1991 YouTube
Stevie Wonder Living In the City 1973 Live Video YouTube
Yellow Magic Orchestra Thousand Knives 1979 "Bass & Lead (4:23). An Odyssey Rev2 and Rev3 are part of Ryuichi Sakamoto's setup. The synth solo in the second half of the song is played using the Odyssey Rev3's oscillator sync(4:23), which is also frequently used for a lead sound in other songs. Haruomi Hosono's rig includes an Odyssey Rev2, which he uses for synth bass (0:45). ArpSynth.com YouTube

Table of generic ARP Odyssey listings

Tracks that are known to use an Odyssey, but can't specify which part with confidence

Artist Track Year Notes Reference Media
808 State Atlas 7 2011 Album: State To State 3. Reference Bandcamp
Neil Ardley Harmony of the Spheres (album) 1979 Neil Ardley plays ARP Omni and ARP Odyssey. Jazz/Rock. Discogs YouTube
Matt Berry Music For Insomniacs (Parts 1 & 2) 2014 Synthesizer [ARP Odyssey]. Discogs YouTube
Mickie D's Unicorn Mickie D's Unicorn (album) 1979 Produced by Micky Duwe and Klaus Schulze. plays: ARP Odyssey, Moog Polymoog, Minimoog, PPG Sequencer, EMS Vocoder all vocals. Discogs YouTube
Devo Gates of Steel 1980 ArpSynth.com YouTube
George Duke Cravo E Canela 1980 Album: A Brazilian Love Affair. Synths - George Duke. Discogs YouTube
George Duke Feel 1974 Album: Feel. Synthesizer. GeorgeDuke.com YouTube
George Duke Funny Funk 1974 Album: Feel GeorgeDuke.com YouTube
George Duke Love 1974 Album: Feel. Synthesizer (multiple parts). GeorgeDuke.com YouTube
George Duke Rashid 1974 Album: Feel. GeorgeDuke.com YouTube
Elektronishe Musik Aus Koln 1. ARP Odysessy 1990 Each of the 22 tracks on the album 'Synthesizer Von Gestern' is composed solely with the specified instrument. Discogs n/a
LCD Soundsystem Call The Police 2017 ARP Odyssey - James Murphy. Discogs YouTube
LCD Soundsystem How Do You Sleep? 2017 ARP Odyssey - James Murphy. Discogs YouTube
LCD Soundsystem Tonite 2017 [ARP Odyssey Synth Bass] – James Murphy. Discogs YouTube
Gianni Safred & His Electronic Instruments Futuribile (The Life To Come)(album) 1978 Gianni Safred plays: Minimoog, Polymoog, ARP Odyssey, ARP Omni. Discogs YouTube
Klaus Schulze "X" (album) 1978 Klaus Schulze plays: PPG Synthesizer and sequencer, Moog Minimoog, Korg Polyphonic Synthesizer, Moog Polymoog, EMS Synthi A, Mellotron, ARP Odyssey. Discogs YouTube
The Herbaliser Blackwater Drive 2008 "Synthesizer [Arp Odyssey] – Jake Wherry

Album: Same As It Never Was

Discogs YouTube
The Herbaliser Same As It Never Was 2008 "Synthesizer [Arp Odyssey] – Jake Wherry

Album: Same As It Never Was

Discogs YouTube
The Steve Miller Band Swingtown 1977 "Miller did some more work at his home studio and then the album was finished and mixed at the Record Plant in Sausalito, Calif., which also has an API board and 3M recorders. Miller always was involved in every aspect of his records, mixing included. The famous synthesizer lines at the close of the song were added as overdubs late in the process, mostly using an ARP Odyssey, “which we thought was just the greatest-sounding thing at the time,” Gaines says. “Unfortunately, the damn thing wouldn’t stay in tune.” End parts. Jim Gaines (engineer) YouTube
Ultravox Western Promise 1980 "Billy Currie picked up the main riff from 'Western Promise': during the course of the song, this was played on OSCar, PPG, Yamaha GS1 and finally (during Ure's Roland guitar synth solo) on Prophet T8. E&MM 1984 YouTube
Frank Zappa Inca Roads 1974 ArpSynth.com YouTube