ARP 2500 Song List

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Date: 1970

Type: Monophonic / Subtractive / Analogue / Multiple VCO / Resonant VCF

Illustration of ARP 2500
ARP 2500 (1970)


The ARP 2500 was the ARP company's first synthesizer (not counting ARP's earlier incarnation 'Tonus'). Buyers could specify the particular modules desired and could choose from a range of oscillator, filter, envelope, sequencer modules and more. It could even be expanded with more cabinets with more modules. ARP stands for the initials of Alan Robert Pear;man, the co-founder of the company, along with Dave Friend.

Table of Songs featuring ARP 2500

Artist Song Year Notes Reference Media URL
The Who Won't Get Fooled Again 1971 The iconic synth intro (as made even more famous by the CSI Miami theme music (2008). Pete Townshend showing how he did it YouTube
John Williams Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 Internet knowledge says an ARP 2500 was used for the communication sequence at the climax of the film. Whilst one can be seen visually - and is 'played' by ARP's vice-president Phillip Dodds, I'm not convinced that one is used for the actual soundtrack. This clip is clearly an oboe and tuba: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4PYI6TzqYk I'm going to have to rewatch the film to check other moments in case it is actually used for sound at any point! IMDB YouTube